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The future of consumer mobile applications

Consumer mobile applications are poised to change customer habits.

Our lives are about to become far more mobile and tailored to our preferences, but privacy is collateral damage in this shift, predicted Robert Scoble, the co-author of The Age of Context.

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"It's stalking you," Scoble said of a new mobile payment application that is typical of the new breed of consumer mobile applications. "You use [it] to pay for everything," he said. "You buy your coffee, you buy your sandwich, you buy your… laundry service, you buy your books on it."

These mobile applications can make suggestions based on customer habits -- for example, if the app notices a consumer gets an iced latte around 3 p.m. most days, it will suggest it to the phone's owner, sending the order to the consumer's favorite coffee shop and paying for it, all with just the click of an approval button, Scoble said.

"We're going to have the expectation that we can pull out our mobile phone and have our intents satisfied right there," he predicted. Scoble also envisions wearable computers, instant deliveries on demand, and context-aware digital marketing. Check out this podcast to learn more. 


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I wonder about how web-applications on mobile devices, supported by new js frameworks like Ember or Backbone, will affect native Android or iOS applications.