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SugarCon conference offers guidelines for social CRM success

SugarCRM's recent SugarCon conference in New York boasted plenty of tips and advice for organizations launching a social CRM initiative.

Many companies these days are launching some sort of social CRM initiative as part of an effort to reach out to customers on sites such as Twitter and Facebook. But not everyone is doing it right. And, the consequences of a half-hearted social media effort can be very bad for products, brands and the bottom line, according to speakers at SugarCRM's recent SugarCon conference in New York.

In this podcast, SearchCRM News Director Mark Brunelli talks to host Jack Vaughan of SearchDataMangement about his recent trip to cover the SugarCon event. Brunelli talks about one session in which a speaker offered a list of ten reasons why social CRM projects fail. For starters, it's important to have a full commitment from company executives and to establish guidelines for employee use of social media sites.

The two reporters also talk about the history of the open source SugarCRM product and other happenings at the SugarCon conference. Anyone interested in launching a social CRM initiative will want to listen in.

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