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Seven things you need to know about speech analytics

Call center expert Donna Fluss gives advice on evaluating and implementing speech analytics technology in this podcast. Fluss offers an introduction to speech analytics and what its implications are for call centers.

In this podcast, call center expert Donna Fluss explains what speech analytics is, what it's used for and where companies should start when considering speech analytics software. She offers tips on successfully evaluating and implementing speech analytics software in the call center.

Fluss is the founder and principal of DMG Consulting LLC, a firm specializing in customer-focused business strategy, operations and technology services. She has more than 23 years of experience consulting on building call centers and software products. Fluss is author of The Real-Time Contact Center as well as many industry reports.

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Total time: 11:37

Highlights of this podcast: 

Fast forward to questions that interest you most.

1) :56: What are speech analytics applications?

2) 1:55: Why should companies invest in speech analytics? 

3) 3:03: What results will companies see after a speech analytics implementation?

4) 5:03: Who are the noteworthy vendors in this market?

5) 7:02: What criteria should businesses use when evaluating speech analytics technology? 

6) 7:52: How can call center managers build a business case for speech analytics applications and justify the cost?

7) 8:45: What are common pitfalls encountered during a speech analytics implementation? What are some real-world examples of where companies went wrong?

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