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Secrets to motivating call center agents

In this podcast, learn secrets to keeping call center agents motivated and how to maximize the efficiency of your call center.

In this podcast, Penny Reynolds of The Call Center School will provide secrets to keeping call center agents motivated and how to maximize the efficiency of your call center. Penny has spent over twenty years in the call center and telecommunications industry, and is known as an industry expert on people management.

Listen to this podcast to understand how and why all call center managers should strive to build an operating environment where agents feel encouraged and supported and are recognized and rewarded for outstanding performance.

Penny ReynoldsPenny Reynolds

Total length: 16:25

Fast forward to questions that interest you most:

  • :54: Can you explain some of the methods companies use to keep agents motivated?
  • 5:18: Turnover in the call center is an age-old problem. What about the call center environment makes turnover such a common occurrence and what can be done about it?
  • 9:21: More and more organizations are making use of remote agents. Are the motivation tactics any different for remote agents?
  • 11:58: What are some of the most common mistakes you see managers make related to motivating call center employees?
  • 14:48: How can call center technology help support efforts to motivate agents?

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