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Salesforce Analytics Cloud much anticipated at Dreamforce 2014

There's been buzz about new BI capabilities -- known as the 'Analytics Cloud' -- to be built into

As several tens of thousands prepare to descend on San Francisco for the annual Dreamforce conference, questions arise about what we might expect from, host of the show and a cloud-based customer relationship management provider.

One possible area of news is business intelligence. In the past, has been called on the carpet for gaps in terms of its BI capabilities.

And according to recent buzz about what to expect at Dreamforce 2014, may roll out the Analytics Cloud, improvements to its BI capabilities, including new reporting and data visualization features.

Geneva StephensGeneva Stephens

These enhancements could enable CRM administrators to do more data analysis within Salesforce, rather than having to dump the data into Excel and do the number-crunching there. That could mean more efficient and less error-prone BI. Still, according to reports, these add-on capabilities do not mean that Salesforce is making a foray into the analytics market, but simply beefing up its own capabilities.

CRM expert Geneva Stephens, who also works at a major U.S. telecom provider, talked about the possible Analytics Cloud rollout and other things to expect at the show. "There were complaints from users that wanted more information and more data visualization of data inside the system," she said. "Mostly the expectations are that it will enhance the features in the dashboard and reporting areas and more customization on the inside."

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