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Relationship rock stars: Customer experience best practices revealed

Consultant Dayna Steele explains how effective CRM and being a rock star have a lot in common.

Most people wouldn't think that being a rock star and engaging your customers have anything in common. But most people would be wrong, according to Dayna Steele, former disk jockey and current business process expert and motivational speaker.

In this podcast, Site Editor Lena J. Weiner talks to Steele about customer experience best practices and the fact that rock stars and great customer service agents tend to obey the same principles.

When asked what lessons Steele learned as a DJ that are applicable to providing great customer experience, she emphasizes that loving the job is great -- but sometimes it isn't enough to get to the top of the CRM game.

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"In order to get into morning drive or afternoon drive, you have to figure out what your listeners, your fans, your customers, your clients [want]," she said. "You've got to figure out what they're passionate about. If you find a way to feed those passions and give them what it is they're looking for, they'll come back again and again."

Steele also discusses relationship-building, making sure you show your appreciation, and what Apple computers and Lady Gaga have in common.

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