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Relationship marketing and customer equity with Don Peppers

Find out how relationship marketing and customer equity are linked in this podcast. Learn the difference between relationship marketing and transactional marketing.

Creating Customer Value, Relationship marketing and customer equity with Don Peppers, April 2009.

The relationship marketing approach and the transactional marketing approach are different in many ways, but how do they impact customer equity? Find out in this installment of the Creating Customer Value podcast series. Don Peppers explains how the relationship marketing approach can improve long-term customer equity and whether or not relationship marketing addresses any deficiencies in the transactional marketing approach.

Recognized for over a decade as a world-renowned expert, entrepreneur and thought leader on customer-focused relationship management strategies for business, Don Peppers is an acclaimed author, influential speaker and a founding partner of the customer-centered management consulting firm, Peppers & Rogers Group.


Fast forward to questions that interest you most.

  • 00:25 The marketing managers in my organization are moving from a transactional marketing approach to a relationship marketing approach. Why is this? Can you cite any examples of how the relationship approach actually improves long-term customer equity?
  • 03:48 How are the concepts of relationship marketing and customer value linked?
  • 05:29 Has the relationship marketing approach addressed any deficiencies in the transactional approach? If so, what are they, and how does it address them?
  • 09:00 How does the relationship marketing approach impact short-term customer value? Is transactional marketing going to produce better results in the short-term than relationship marketing?

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