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Predicting the social CRM trends for 2014

Which 2013 CRM trends will change how we do business? Denis Pombriant shares his predictions for social CRM, Salesforce1 and more.

What is the state of customer relationship management today -- and what long-lasting effects will the developments in 2013 have on the marketplace in 2014?

In this podcast, Denis Pombriant, president of Beagle Research Group LLC, reflects on the changes in the CRM market over the course of 2013 that will influence customer relationship management in the future, particularly in the areas of social CRM and community management. "My friends and I … have identified a new generation of CRM users that think of social CRM as just plain old CRM," Pombriant said of characterizing the new social CRM trends. Pombriant discussed the growing importance of community in CRM. "Community has become so important … I think it's as important as sales, marketing or customer service," Pombriant said. "I think getting the customer more active and engaged -- not just in the sales process or the marketing process, but actually helping companies … understand what drives demand is going to be huge," he continued.

Pombriant also discussed advancements in marketing in 2013, calling 2013 "marketing's coming-out party," adding that it's been building for a while. He points out that marketing tools aren't just used to sell anymore, but to gain insight and knowledge into customers and their needs.

Pombriant also reflected on this year's Dreamforce conference in San Francisco and the announcements that were made there, including a brief discussion of Salesforce1, Salesforce's new customer platform. Which CRM trends will endure through 2014, and which will fizzle? Listen to this podcast to find out.


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