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Old-school technology companies getting left behind in cloud disruption?

Larry Ellison fired a shot across the bow, saying traditional companies like IBM and SAP are no longer competition for Oracle. An expert discusses cloud disruption in this podcast.

At Oracle OpenWorld in late October, one of the key themes was the future of old-school technology companies. In early October, Dell offered $67 billion in a megadeal to buy EMC, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise recently shut down its public cloud service, Helion. There has been a lot of chatter about how traditional data center companies will fare in the new era of cloud-based everything.

During his OpenWorld keynote, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison extended that theme and suggested that cloud computing has brought some companies to the forefront while decidedly leaving others behind. Ellison said companies like Workday, a human capital management and financial software provider, and Salesforce, the leading cloud-based CRM vendor, are thriving in the cloud-dominated market, whereas old-school technology companies like IBM and SAP are struggling. That may be overstated -- especially coming from Oracle, which wasn't too keen on the cloud even a few years ago.

CRM Essentials principal Brent Leary talked about the impact of the cloud on today's data center infrastructure players and old-school technology companies. Leary noted that Ellison may have overstated the case, and companies like SAP have indeed made adjustments in the cloud era.

"The new school when it comes to competition for Oracle, according to Ellison: Workday, Salesforce, Amazon, MSFT, not seeing SAP and IBM in the cloud. It might be premature [to say that]. SAP is doing some interesting things. But according to [Ellison], not so much."

For more, check out the podcast above. And for part two, click here.

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