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Mobile-first strategy key CRM trend in 2015

To provide effective personalized and multichannel service to consumers, companies have to have a mobile-first mentality in 2015.

In this installment of SearchCRM's look ahead to CRM trends for 2015, Geneva Stephens, a CRM expert who works at a major U.S. telecom, discusses four trends she believes will gather steam in 2015, from mobility to the Internet of Things and geolocation, to more integrated systems.

  • Mobile-first design. Stephens said that now, more than ever, companies have to think about designing products and applications with a mobile-first mentality. While this trend emerged in 2014, Stephens said, it will gain even further traction in 2015. “With so many getting in the mobile game  … customers [do not] have to go to a computer [to] access all their information," Stephens said. "Marketers are going to get the most audience for their products," Stephens said.
  • Internet of Things, wearables. Stephens said that while this is still an emerging area, companies are trying to figure out how to incorporate IoT-connected devices and wearables with their own strategies. "Companies are trying to figure out how IoT will work with how they push their products," Stephens said.
  • Personalization/geolocation and other trends in customer experience. Mobile devices can now help companies identify customers when they are in physical stories and also personalize offers based on their purchases and preferences. These practices of geolocation and personalization are due to become even bigger trends in 2015, with companies finding new ways to target customers and prospects. Stephens acknowledged that while these tactics can be invasive, they are also designed to give consumers better service. "These apps are now able to see where you are, and while people object to them, it's so you won't be marketing to in the wrong way," Stephens said.
  • All-in-one systems. Finally, Stephens noted that the data silos of years gone by may be forced to come together in 2015. Companies like Microsoft and Salesforce, she said, are building platforms that are designed to pull in data from other applications and business processes.

"We're seeing, in larger organizations, so many different systems being used to get similar information," she said. "Apps can be bolted on to CRM that can do marketing, customer service," and more.

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