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Mobile CRM software seems like a no-brainer; but is it?

Mobile customer relationship management software can benefit a variety of workers and industries. So, why is mobile CRM slow to take off?

Mobile customer relationship management seems like a no-brainer.

With mobile CRM tools, workers can access CRM apps through mobile devices, from tablets to phones. And mobile CRM has some compelling scenarios: Salespeople can get and update customer account information on the road, executives can peruse reports from a plane, and salespeople helping customers in stores can look up inventory or access customer account information in real time.

The ability to get immediate information about customer accounts, preferences, purchases and more with the touch of a fingertip should be enticing to an array of businesses, but adoption remains slower than expected. Gartner Inc. predicts that by 2015, only 20% of organizations will launch dedicated mobile applications for customer service use, and experts agree that mobile CRM is still taking off slowly.

Marshall LagerMarshall Lager

"Mobile CRM is a big deal in today's market, but there are certain factors holding it back from being an even bigger deal," said Marshall Lager, a principal at Third Idea Consulting LLC. In this podcast, he talks about some of the technology and people issues that are hindering adoption, as well as how mobile CRM is taking shape in the market.

He also discusses important considerations for prospective mobile CRM buyers, for instance, whether a given platform integrates with various mobile devices, as well as its interoperability with other back-office applications, such as business productivity apps including Microsoft Office and ERP applications.

For more, check out this podcast below.

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