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Measuring customer worth and lifetime value with Martha Rogers

Hear about the importance of measuring customer worth and tips on how to measure customer lifetime value in this customer equity podcast with Martha Rogers.

Creating Customer Value, Measuring customer worth and lifetime value with Martha Rogers, January 2008

Understanding customer worth can be difficult, and there are many different ways to define, measure and manage a customer's value. In the latest installment of Creating Customer Value, a podcast series with Peppers and Rogers, Martha Rogers answers questions from readers on understanding and measuring customer worth. Martha explains how customer worth can be measured in a variety of ways. She also discusses the difference between customer worth and customer lifetime value, two terms that are easily confused.

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    Martha Rogers
    Martha Rogers

      Measuring customer worth and lifetime value  

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      Fast forward to questions that interest you most.

      • 00:40 How do most financial services companies measure customer worth? Do you know of forward-thinking companies who are predicting what customers will be worth in the future in addition to what they are worth now?

      • 04:07 What is the difference between a customer's worth and a customer's lifetime value?

      • 06:07 How can we alert our call center agents when calls come in from high-value customers? We'd like to make agents aware that these calls are a priority. Are screenpops or something similar the best method for this?

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