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Maximizing marketing in a recession using marketing analytics tools

Listen to a podcast on how marketing analytics tools can help companies maximize marketing efforts in a recession and bulid profitable customer relationships.

Tough economic times can often lead to cuts in budgets and staff, making it all the more difficult for marketers to do their jobs effectively. In this podcast, Martha Rogers of Peppers and Rogers Group discusses how companies can use marketing analytics to reduce operating expenses and increase efficiency in a down economy. Martha gives tips for companies looking to do more with less during a recession and explains how analytics tools can help marketers work more efficiently.

You'll learn:

  • How should organizations go about evaluating marketing analytics tools?

  • Can companies use analytics to reduce operating expenses in difficult economic times?

  • . How can managers sift through the information uncovered by analytics tools, and what are the most critical things to be tracking?

  • Can analytics help companies develop better relationships with customers?

  • How sophisticated are most organizations when it comes to marketing analytics efforts?
      Maximizing marketing in a recession using marketing analytics tools  

    Listen to the podcast

      About the expert  

    Martha Rogers
    Martha Rogers

    Named one of the nineteen most important business gurus of the past century by Business 2.0 Magazine, Martha Rogers, Ph.D., is a founding partner of Peppers & Rogers Group. Martha has been recognized for the past decade as one of the world's leading experts on customer-based business strategies and growing customer value.

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