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Linking call center agents and customer profit with Martha Rogers

Learn about the link between call center agents and customer profit and find out how predictive analytics technology can help build customer profitability in this podcast.

Creating Customer Value, Linking call center agents and customer profit with Martha Rogers, November 2008.

Call center agents can have a big impact on customer profitability and build customer value for their organization. In this installment of our Creating Customer Value podcast series, Martha Rogers explains how companies can encourage call center agents to focus on customer profitability, discusses the difference between inbound call center agents and outbound call center agents in handling customer interactions and gives tips for leveraging predictive analytics technology to build profitable customers.

  Linking call center agents and customer profit  

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Linking call center agents and customer profit with Martha Rogers
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Martha Rogers
Martha Rogers

Named one of the nineteen most important business gurus of the past century by Business 2.0 Magazine, Martha Rogers, Ph.D., is a founding partner of Peppers & Rogers Group. Martha has been recognized for the past decade as one of the world's leading experts on customer-based business strategies and growing customer value.

Fast forward to questions that interest you most.

  • 00:43 We've recently asked our call center reps to start cross-selling and up-selling. They have become so focused on hitting their marks that we feel customer service may be at risk. How can we turn things around and get our agents to instead focus on the customer experience and building customer profitability?

  • 03:58 What can our customer service reps do to transform unprofitable customers into profitable ones? Are there any best practices we can have them follow?

  • 07:58 How do inbound call centers and outbound call centers differ in the way their agents build customer profitability?

  • 09:57 How can we leverage the data collected from our predictive analytics software to help our customer service reps build customer profitability?

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