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Lead-scoring models to generate better sales information

Lead-scoring models help sales comb through data to generate better, more qualified and more mature leads.

Lead-scoring has emerged as a new method for gathering better customer leads and quality information.

"Marketing has always been a work in progress, and sales has always complained about lead quality," said Denis Pombriant, president and CEO of Beagle Research. "If you look at sales as a process, as I do, then we're always trying to improve the outcome. The best way to do that is with better inputs."

Pombriant also discusses how marketing and sales need to work together to improve the quality of information that is delivered, with sales providing feedback on the information. They also need to look at how to hone information delivery in the future. With these quantitative methods, marketing and sales can devote less time to pulling out weeds and more time to cultivating genuine sales prospects.

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