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Is SalesforceIQ viable CRM software for small business?

An expert says that SalesforceIQ finally gives SMBs a viable CRM-software-for-small-business alternative to costly enterprise editions of Salesforce.

At this year's Dreamforce conference, Salesforce announced technology offerings that aim squarely at the enterprise, but it also made changes to its CRM software for small business.

Salesforce purchased RelateIQ, a "relationship intelligence platform," last year and has now incorporated the "engine and guts of what was RelateIQ," said Brent Leary, principal of CRM Essentials, a CRM consultancy, into SalesforceIQ for Small Business, its small and medium-sized business offering.

Companies will want to go with traditional Salesforce and the Sales Cloud if they need to customize a CRM or have access to the app exchange. But they may want to use SalesforceIQ for Small Business if they use Gmail or Microsoft Exchange to access mail and calendars and do not want to spend the money to customize a CRM.

Leary said that it's a "much more robust entry system than what Group Edition was. It has the intelligence baked in, in addition to the core CRM functionality. So, more insights can be delivered, even at the low-end scale for Salesforce for those folks who are just starting out or are small in scale but giving them much more than they were getting for $25 a month with Group Edition."

Now companies "have a migration path into upper premium editions" to start out with Salesforce's CRM software for small business but have their eyes Enterprise offerings as they grow. Previously, Leary said, companies might have chosen a Salesforce alternative and said, "'We don't know if Salesforce is interested in us anymore,' because the Group Edition product didn't offer the same value as other systems out there." With SalesforceIQ for Small Business, that may have changed.

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