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Intelligent systems now table stakes for customer experience

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All of the leading vendors are building intelligence into their application platforms for sales, marketing and service. Why are intelligent systems so critical to company survival?

Companies understand that intelligent systems are now the keys to the kingdom in terms of competitive edge.

There's no denying that data intelligence in business is critically important. According to recent data by Bluewolf Group LLC, 65% of companies are increasing their investments in making analytics actionable and accessible. And while 52% of companies say their applications are intelligent, 80% of the data that undergirds these apps is dark, untouched and often unstructured data. Companies have little visibility into the nature or meaning of that data.

In Bluewolf's most recent "State of Salesforce" report, the company consensus is that, while data insights are critical to forging relationships with customers, improving operations and making solid business decisions, companies have a ways to go to make intelligent systems work for them.

As such, it's no wonder that companies like Oracle and Salesforce have made artificial intelligence (AI) core to their strategies moving forward. Oracle recently released its adaptive intelligence AI technology and Salesforce recently announced their own technology, Einstein.

CRM Essentials partner Brent Leary said that these AI technologies are about bringing to bear intelligence and management of the data that is flowing into companies fast and furious.

"It's all about data at scale and velocity," Leary said. "We created a lot more information and data when we started using mobile devices. When social networks came along, that created even more data. Now with IoT [internet of things], devices with sensors, we're creating vast amounts.

"Now, AI is going to help us make sense of [steady streams of data from mobile, social and IoT sources] and make sense of that insight to that customer, that prospect, that they can grab onto from that stream of information .There's an opportunity to look at this data to find out really important things we never would have been able to," he said.

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