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Employee empowerment and engaging customers: Not just buzz words

Why are employee empowerment and engaging customers key ingredients to success? Dayna Steele explains in this podcast. Listen in to find out why.

Many companies think they have social media down but don't realize the importance of engaging customers, said former Houston DJ, current business process expert and social media maven Dayna Steele.

Dayna SteeleDayna Steele

"It shouldn't be a one-way conversation," said Steele. "[It's not good] if you're just constantly broadcasting to your customer."

Another tip Steele shares is the importance of empowering employees. All customer-facing staff should have the authority to make the call to grant a customer a gift certificate or other compensation when everything is not to their satisfaction and make other choices that only management has traditionally been able to make, said Steele.

Listen to this podcast for more ideas.


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