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Dreamforce 2014 conference highlights: Themes to watch

Salesforce.com's Dreamforce conference emphasized a mobile-first business strategy and user-friendly applications.

With 140,00 attendees, the 2014 Dreamforce conference gave users myriad ideas about how to introduce a mobile-first way of doing business. From Wave, the new analytics platform, to the Sales and Service Clouds, Salesforce.com's emphasis is on creating fast applications that are mobile-ready and user-friendly.

According to Geneva Stephens, a CRM expert at a U.S. telecom, Salesforce's Analytics Cloud, for example, is a pretty persuasive proposition for users. "Getting it into someone's hands is probably going to sell it in and of itself -- the drilldown features, the ability to get the information you need right away; the tipping point is that mobile-first look," she said.

While Stephens said cost might not be a hurdle for larger companies, "It will be harder for smaller companies to allocate that cost."

Gennie Stephens

Stephens noted, though, that getting legacy information into Wave might also present some challenges. "I would say how truly user-friendly it is on the back end. IT is already a little unsteady with the cloud. Now, you're talking about lots of information, bringing in third-party information from other applications into this mobile world," she said.

Ease of use was another theme at the show. New rollouts like the Marketing Cloud and Lightning were designed to be intuitive for non-technical users.

"You're talking about marketing people. They don't want to be dragging through all this technical jargon to get to what they need. The Journey Builder makes it visual for them," Stephens said.

Stephens' interest was also piqued by Lightning, the new developer app and framework for non-developers. "There's some coding, but you don't have to use it," she said.  You don't have to be a "computer science major [to] build some excellent apps."

Stephens examined various highlights from the DF14 conference and what we might expect over the coming months from some of these new technology offerings.

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