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Customer value in the long-term with Don Peppers

Learn how customer value changes over time and learn strategies to increase customer value in this customer equity podcast with Don Peppers.

Creating Customer Value, Customer value in the long-term with Don Peppers, February 2008

When developing a CRM strategy, it's important to understand customer equity and how customer value changes over time. In the February installment of Creating Customer Value, a podcast series with Peppers and Rogers, Don Peppers answers questions from readers on customer value in the long-term. Don gives tips for recognizing customers with growth potential and examines the affect customer value has on marketing trends. He also gives strategies to increase customer value without detailed customer data.

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    Don Peppers

      Customer value in the long-term  

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      Fast forward to questions that interest you most.

      • 00:30 Many companies focus on attracting and retaining high-value customers. Should we also focus on attracting and retaining low-value customers that may be worth more in the future?

      • 01:45 In the past, my company measured performance against sales, but today we're being asked to care more about customer value. But we can't do any serious customer analysis because we're challenged with getting the data. Do you have any suggestions for turning this around?

      • 04:46 In a few large organizations where I've worked, there was rapid turnover in the CMO position. In your eyes, is CMO tenure so short because they're not interested in long-term results in terms of customer value, or is it just job churn?

      • 06:02 Do current marketing trends reflect a focus on customer value? Can you give some examples?

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