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Customer experience trends: The importance of context

Contextually aware technologies can reshape how we think about customer experience, says Robert Scoble, co-author of 'Age of Context.'

Robert Scoble spots customer experience trends developments in digital marketing and other areas of customer relationship management. Scoble is the co-author of The Age of Context and startup liaison officer at Rackspace US Inc.

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"Rackspace asked me to . . .  study the future," Scoble said. "I . . . talk to tech executives and innovators . . . and find out where the world is going." As part of his role, Scoble analyzes technology trends and predicts what they mean for companies and consumers.

How will new technologies that factor in context-related elements such as location change the way we do business? Should we be lamenting the loss of privacy or embracing it? How will new technologies change the customer experience? Scoble attempted to answer some of these questions in this podcast.

Scoble also discussed how wearable computers, the Internet of things, use of social network data and location data will allow for greater personalization and how geotargeting technology will change customer experience and recreation.


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