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Customer data analysis isn't reserved just for marketing in 2014

More key roles in the enterprise, besides marketing, are choosing to use data analysis to gain insight into customers.

Will marketing, customer service and IT ever be combined into one department? It's not beyond the realm of possibility, said Denis Pombriant, president of Beagle Research Group LLC, and it might even be a trend that takes off this year, he suggested.

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It's more important than ever to gain customer insight with customer data analysis tools to provide clients with better service and personalized marketing. Such a department should exist, Pombriant said.

"We've heard folks … talking about how the chief marketing officer is going to have a bigger technology budget than the CIO in a few years," Pombriant said. "I'm wondering if what we might end up seeing is a new job title at the C-level. It's part CIO and it's part CMO."

Pombriant also predicts a move to a more holistic approach to social CRM and marketing, more efficient ways of analyzing customer data and other 2014 CRM trends. Check out this podcast to hear his prognostications for CRM in 2014.

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