Creating Customer Value: A series with Peppers and Rogers

Customer strategists Don Peppers and Martha Rogers offer expert advice in these podcasts. Listen on your computer or download for quick tips on long-term and short-term customer equity and building trust with customer strategy. is proud to welcome world-renowned customer strategists Don Peppers and Martha Rogers in a podcast series on Creating Customer Value. In this monthly podcast, Peppers and Rogers will answer FAQs from readers on building trust with customer strategy and customer equity in the short-term and the long-term.

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Ask the Expert: Customer equity: Long-term and short-term
Ask the Expert: Building trust with customer strategy


Don Peppers and Martha Rogers are the founding partners of Peppers & Rogers Group and 1to1 Media, a customer-focused consultancy and award-winning publishing group, and they have written seven books on customer value and customer strategy.








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Volume 8: Increasing market share without losing quality, CLV in the entertainment industry
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Volume 5: Best practices for firing customers, customer experience management (CEM)
Volume 4: Customer reminders, B2B CRM, prioritizing customers
Volume 3: Punch-card programs, first call resolution (FCR)
Volume 2: Disappearing loyalty, customer standout companies
Volume 1: Business transparency, multichannel marketing, financials of customer equity

 Creating Customer Value, Volume 8


Listen to Don Peppers' advice for a manufacturing company trying to increase market share without compromising quality, a marketer in the entertainment industry who is trying to calculate customer lifetime value (CLV), tips on how to involve the marketing team in developing a customer strategy and advice on how call center agents can build customer equity by engaging customers emotionally.

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