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CRM trends: Customer engagement, free range agents and more

Fresh from the ACCE conference, Lena J. Weiner reports on multiple exciting trends in CRM, including automated and social CRM.

Fresh from the recent ACCE (American Call Center Conference and Expo) conference in Seattle, Lena J. Weiner, editor of SearchCRM, discusses the latest trends in CRM in this new podcast. 

CRM is at an interesting crossroads, with technology swiftly evolving to make customer engagement easier for both service representatives and customers. Imagine, after a bad day at the office, being able to simply log on to Twitter and tweet your problem to a company you do business with and know that you will get a call back from a representative within half an hour. If you are a service representative, imagine being able to wander around the office socializing with your coworkers between calls and being able to hit a button and talk to a customer while returning to your desk.

Neither of these scenarios are fantasies from a distant future. The technologies are available right now and are currently being adopted by smart companies in the know.

In this podcast, Weiner and TechTarget Editorial Director Scot Petersen examine these technologies and other new tools that will change the way your workday looks, how organizations engage with customers and how companies do business. 


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