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CRM trends 2014: Insights from the ICMI

ICMI's Sarah Stealey Reed offers her insights about CRM trends in 2014, including emerging channels and the importance of getting the right data.

In 2014, IT experts say that one of the key CRM industry priorities will be creating stellar customer experiences. According to expert Sarah Stealey Reed, the content director at the International Customer Management Institute, this new emphasis on customer experience management (CEM) "really needs to resonate throughout the entire organization, not just the contact center." Reed predicts that entire companies will be devoted to nurturing and managing CEM technologies and core principles. It will no longer be the sole province of service associates to ensure customer satisfaction.

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She also discussed the six most important CRM trends of 2014 that the ICMI has identified: understanding the customer journey, the power of the emerging channels, the need for actionable data, the impact of proactive engagement, the rebalancing of customer and company and making life easier for agents.

Reed discussed how the ICMI's leadership would like the contact center space to evolve in 2014, the need for nonvoice channels of contact like email and chat, and other ways to delve into CRM trends for 2014.


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