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CRM development: Building apps on top of CRM systems

Companies are turning to CRM to build new customer-facing applications. Does this kind of CRM development save time and money?

Denis PombriantDenis Pombriant

Companies are turning to customer relationship management systems as the foundation to develop other front-office applications. That's because today, information is at a premium, and many businesses need to support end-to-end processes rather than simple transactions. CRM systems have many of the features you need to support these more detailed, information-driven processes.

According to Denis Pombriant, president and CEO of Beagle Research, building on top of CRM applications can aid speed time to market and also establish some standardization and consistency. This approach to application development has been particularly successful for mobile application development.

CRM development can work well for myriad mobile applications, said Pombriant. “Today's developers don't have to reinvent the wheel. It saves a lot of time and money.”

At the same time, Pombriant cautioned that this kind of application development makes sense where the processes are similar to those embedded in CRM systems. The application should mesh well, and match, CRM processes themselves, he emphasized.

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