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Better data hinges on CRM system integration

Here's why a lack of CRM system integration with other corporate data can be the difference between success and failure of an IT project.

Lots of initiatives live or die based on whether the systems that power them, such as CRM systems, can be integrated with other corporate data. And now, with cloud development becoming ubiquitous, customer relationship applications are platforms of sorts. But the data that resides there needs to hook into other systems such as those residing in ERP and ECM systems, social media platforms, data analytics applications and more.

Denis PombriantDenis

Equally important, we need to consider a diversity of data sources in the integration process.

"Today, increasingly, we need to consider a wider range of data and business processes," said Denis Pombriant, the CEO of Beagle Research Group. Pombriant noted that we need to take a more holistic approach to data and understand the differences between quantitative and qualitative data.

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