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At OpenWorld, Oracle marketing strategy gets filled out

Various marketing offerings received improvements at OpenWorld. The upgrades strive to better tailor messages to customers and prospects and cater to SMBs.

At OpenWorld, Oracle rolled out several offerings that fill out its marketing strategy and position it to stay competitive with other customer data offerings from Salesforce and Microsoft, for example.

One aspect of Oracle marketing strategy is the CX Cloud for Small Business, which enables smaller companies to get started with marketing and gain access to various services in the Sales, Marketing, Service and CPQ clouds without requiring them to buy a license for each offering.

CRM Essentials principal Brent Leary discussed the merits of the marketing cloud for midsized businesses, though there is the potential for too much vendor lock-in. "It's a combination of apps coming from the Marketing, Sales, Service and CPQ [configure, price quote] clouds. [It's the] meat and potatoes of what a midsized company would need to create a customer lifecycle and journey all in one offering in these various clouds, making it easy for you to use the various clouds all together. Instead of paying for a license for each one of those clouds, you basically pay for one license. It's an easier way to buy it and an easier way for companies to get started."

Leary also discussed the impact of updates to the Oracle Marketing Cloud, which now gives marketers access to data to better tailor marketing campaigns to their audiences. The Marketing Cloud now enables marketers to combine CRM data with third-party information to get a better picture of customer preference and behavior, which opens the door to more effective marketing. Marketing Cloud updates also enable marketers and customer service reps to be on the same page, with access to the same data.

For more, check out the podcast above. And for part one, click here.

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