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Are social CRM tools just plain old CRM?

Social CRM tools have become must-haves in CRM platforms. So is there a difference between social tools and CRM platforms more generally?

Is social CRM just plain old CRM now?

There is a lot of talk about how to best practice social CRM and build it into CRM platforms. But according to CRM expert Marshall Lager, social CRM is table stakes now.

Social CRM tools enable companies to aggregate information from their customers via social conversation on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Marshall LagerMarshall Lager

Lager said that social CRM has become so important that "we have largely stopped thinking about it as something separate from CRM in general. There are still social media vendors and applications, but in the same way that there are marketing automation vendors and apps. If you're not involving social media in your CRM efforts, you're probably doing something wrong."

Lager discusses the importance of building a social CRM strategy -- and ensuring that it's part of your CRM application more generally.

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