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Are customer service video, live chat burgeoning channels?

An expert says that avenues like video and live chat can provide competitive advantage in customer service -- if companies get it right.

Today, customers want service at the touch of a button. Companies are delving into new tools such as live chat and video to give customers options in terms of service.

These channels clearly represent some opportunities for companies to service customers in more immediate ways, but do they also create new challenges?

SearchCRM talked with Brent Leary, a principal at CRM Essentials, about the role of multimedia tools in creating a more satisfying customer experience. Leary said that developments like the Mayday button for Amazon's Kindle Fire have raised the bar. "That is a cool way to provide a competitive advantage," Leary said, and noted that other companies, such as with the Service Cloud's SOS button, have emulated video chat customer service.

Leary talked further about the implications for these new channels in providing more real-time, immediate customer service.

For more, check out the podcast here.

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