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Adopting innovative CRM to wow customers: Dayna Steele's top tips

What's the secret to wowing customers? Innovative CRM has a lot to do with it, as well as going the extra mile to keep customers happy.

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In this podcast, former Houston disc jockey turned motivational speaker and business process expert Dayna Steele discusses the last two of her top five tips for customer relationship management success.

"For the companies that aren't using Twitter and Facebook to engage with [their] fans, it's time to innovate," said Steele. "What's the next big thing? Are your customers coming to your site via mobile?" she asked, emphasizing the importance of a company staying up to date on customer service trends.

Dayna SteeleDayna Steele

Steele also discusses the importance of being able to "wow" the customer -- which is easier than most would think. "Sometimes, just answering the phone will wow a customer," she said.

Listen in to this podcast for more about innovative CRM.

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