A Pivotal moment: New CEO grabs reins

Pivotal's chief financial officer was elevated to the midmarket CRM vendor's top position today, replacing CEO Bo Manning.

It's been a year of change for Vancouver, British Colombia's Pivotal Corp. Today, change hit the midmarket CRM vendor's leadership ranks.

CEO Bo Manning left the company to take the helm at Orchestria Corp., a New York-based maker of technology for the control and monitoring of electronic communication. Pivotal's chief financial officer Divesh Sisodraker was named as Manning's replacement.

On Monday morning, Sisodraker struck a note of optimism for the company's future.

"We're very excited," he said. "We've been through some turbulent times and now we've established a solid financial footing. I think this sets ups very nicely for the year ahead."

Sisodraker has served as Pivotal's CFO since October 2001 after an 18-month term as vice president of corporate development. He credited his knowledge of the company and its employees with ensuring a smooth transition.

He also pledged to continue investing in Pivotal's key vertical markets: home building; health care; financial services; and manufacturing, specifically medical device manufacturing. Sisodraker said Pivotal will not be adding new major verticals in the near term.

Pivotal will also continue to invest in its Bangalore, India operation, where the company has seen impressive growth and will soon reach 100 employees, Sisodraker said.

Sisodraker pledged to improve Pivotal's customer support and plans to align its North American field sales force under differentiated products. The company will also leverage its vertical expertise in international markets, particularly China, with the help of its Hong Kong-based owner.

CDC Software, a subsidiary of chinadotcom, finalized its purchase of the company earlier this year. Several companies, including rival Onyx Software Corp., had vied to purchase Pivotal.

Orchestria announced Manning as its new president and CEO on Monday.

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