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Brief: SPSS adds to marketing analytics

SPSS leverages its purchase of DataDistilleries and releases PredictiveMarketing 2.0 with new multi-channel analytics.

SPSS Inc. announced today its first product that leverages the technology from recently acquired DataDistilleries BV.

PredictiveMarketing 2.0 adds channel and campaign optimization to the's initial predictive analytics release. That new technology comes in part from DataDistilleries, a Netherlands-based company SPSS acquired in November for $6.4 million.

While the initial release was aimed at using historical data to predict how to provide the right offer to the right customer at the right time, 2.0 "takes it to the next level," said Marcel Holsheimer, vice president of marketing for vertical product markets and founder of DataDistilleries. PredictiveMarketing 2.0 can take into account a customer's channel preferences to help determine whether a customer wants to be contacted via direct mail, e-mail or outbound contact center calls. It also determines how marketing materials can be used in each channel and the costs associated. Additionally, the application assists with compliance with "do not call" and "do not spam" legislation with opt-out features, Holsheimer said.

"It's the next step companies are taking to squeeze more value out of marketing campaigns," Holsheimer said. "Companies tend to overload customers. If you have 30 offers per month, you don't want to send that many to one customer. This allows you to restrict the number of contacts per customer." The application also enforces these contact rules across campaigns and channels.

Future releases from SPSS will focus on integrating inbound and outbound channels, making the orchestration of customer contact "the central brains behind all CRM channels," Holsheimer said.


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