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SalesLogix eases CRM, accounting integration

A new SalesLogix integration tool gives SMBs the option of tying together the front and back office.

SalesLogix today unveiled new integration between its CRM software and some widely used accounting applications. Whereas previously customers may have depended on partners for integration, SalesLogix is now offering it out of the box through its DynaLink tool.

DynaLink integrates SalesLogix with Best Software's MAS 90, 200 and 500, Platinum for Windows, as well as Microsoft Great Plains versions 6.0, 6.5 and 7.0. A good chunk of SalesLogix's current customer base uses those financial applications, according to Anthony Wooten, vice president of SalesLogix product management. With minor customization, the product can work with most accounting products.

"Companies now are really focused on total cost of ownership," said Karen Smith, research director at Boston-based Aberdeen Group Inc. "They do not want to pay someone and do not have the resources, IT staff, tech staff or one person to continually physically map data back and forth. This product is designed to fix that."

Smith added that resellers should benefit from the tool because they'll now be able to focus more on domain expertise and vertical customization.

Wooten said the integration benefits for users will largely come in product ordering.

"It enables sales and service in understanding the status of the accounts and, on the accounting side, it allows them to fulfill obligations to the front office but not have to continually respond to requests from the front office," he said.

DynaLink is available now and is priced at $1,950 for the server, which includes five users. Each additional user costs $120. For $8,200, companies get the server and unlimited use.


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