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With upgrade, E.piphany pushes 'blended CRM'

The company's marketing-automation functionality and J2EE component architecture are pillars of the new E.6.5.

With its latest release, E.piphany Inc. is targeting organizations that are struggling to effectively communicate with customers in an era dominated by "do not call" lists and consumers' strong antispam sentiments.

Announced today, E.6.5 includes four new applications for telesales, the contact center, e-mail marketing management and event-driven marketing.

E.piphany Event Marketing identifies meaningful events in a customer life cycle and triggers predefined workflow to capitalize on them. For instance, when a customer complaint arrives in a call center, the application can automatically mail an apology letter or create a special customer reward, to be given the next time the customer calls in.

Other new additions include E.piphany TeleSales, a desktop app for agents that loads dialers, creates leads, scripts sales pitches and captures orders based on marketing segments; E.piphany Contact Center, blended sales and service software, for agents who wear multiple hats; and E.piphany E-mail Marketing Management, a tool based on a partnership with SmartPath Inc. for overseeing campaign logistics, like budgeting.

With the new release, San Mateo, Calif.-based E.piphany is stressing the concept of "blended CRM," giving companies the ability to integrate a single module of the J2EE, component-based suite it first introduced in E.6 with homegrown, "green screen" systems.

"We don't need to own the desktop," said Mike Trigg, E.piphany's vice president of product marketing and product management. Trigg, though, admits that introducing customers to a single E.piphany app often leads to future sales.

AMR research director Laura Preslan said E.piphany's real breakthrough is its "ability to create a virtual customer data model with data elements that live across multiple systems." E.6.5 adds consistent data mapping across operational and analytical CRM systems.

Preslan said that potential customers still tend to think of E.piphany principally as the marketing automation specialist it once exclusively was.

"E.piphany has an excellent chance to expand its footprint in existing deals where it is still only used for marketing analytics," Preslan said.

Pricing for E.6.5 starts at $250,000. It will ship on Nov. 14.


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