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Techies ready for 'Queer Eye' transformation

Call it "Queer Eye for the Geeky Guy." In a recent survey of IT execs, more than half admitted they'd love to look FABULOUS!

More than half of techies think they could use a geek-to-chic makeover. And they know just the quintet to do it.

Fifty-five percent of Fortune 1000 senior IT execs polled said they'd let those masters of the makeover from the television show "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" have their way with them. The Fab Five, as they're called, are a group of gay guys who transform a straight man's life -- styling his hair, stocking his closet and sprucing up his home.

Basically, they could make Bill Gates look a little more like Pierce Brosnan and less like Waldo from "Where's Waldo" fame.

The t.v. show capturing their makeover magic airs weekly on the Bravo network.

The New York-based executive search firm Christian & Timbers conducted the survey of 169 executives last month at a conference.

Could this be a cry for help from IT types who'd give the white, short-sleeved, polyester shirts off their backs for some Armani? Or from geeks who're ready to take down their "Tron" or "Lord of the Rings" posters and put a richly textured faux finish paint job on their walls? Could be.

"Even techies are willing to be tinkered with," said Steve Mader, Christian & Timbers CEO.

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