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iAnywhere upgrade looks to boost user adoption

Configuration and ease of use are the main perks in the new mobile field force software, the company said.

IAnywhere Solutions Inc. today announced an upgrade to its Mobile Sales application.

Mobile Sales 2.3 features a configurable workflow to extend business applications, particularly CRM, to field agents.

"The primary business problem we see customers bring us is they roll out Siebel or SAP and they're simply not getting field sales adoption," said Lubos Parobek, senior product manager at iAnywhere. "Performance and ease of use is a critical factor."

In the past, iAnywhere has provided configurable data fields on handheld devices through customization, but the new Mobile Sales allows customers to quickly configure the look they want, Parobek said. For example, if a sales agent on a call wants to grab some relevant information from a number of screens before heading into a meeting, the configurable workflow allows him to access the data he needs with just a few clicks, Parobek said.

Additionally, the new version includes a key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard, which enables businesses to measure the adoption and effectiveness of their deployments. Customers can figure out who is using the new applications and to what extent.

"This is a vital point in time, when people are scrutinizing their CRM investments," Parobek said. "Once it's deployed, they want to prove that business case out."

The new features are a free upgrade for existing users and are available this week. Mobile Sales 2.3 is compatible with all Palm OS 5 versions and higher, and it supports all Pocket PCs 2002 and 2003.

IAnywhere has packaged adapters that integrate with Siebel and and has customized integration for other CRM providers, including SalesLogix, SAP AG and PeopleSoft Inc., Parobek said.

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