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The Smart CRM conference , hosted by and the Peppers & Rogers Group, is fast approaching. The conference, taking place February 11-13 in Atlanta, is free to qualified professionals, but space is limited. Attendees will get an in-depth look at how to get the most from their CRM program and learn more about the best practices and pitfalls of a Smart CRM initiative. These days, it's all about smarter CRM -- and our conference is designed to address all the issues and complexities that come with building a smart CRM initiative...

Our Smart CRM Conference will feature advice from the top thought leaders in the CRM market. Here are some of the session topics, plus some additional background reading:

Don't miss Don Peppers' keynote: Interconnectivity and the Future of CRM
Here are some additional resources:
JDE tool to consolidate supply chain data
Is SCM bottoming out?
Putting the supply chain in its place

Bruce Kasanoff, author of Making it Personal will deliver an interactive workshop entitled "What Customers Need." Click here for more information.

Other conference session topics include:
Maximize Your Customer Data for Profits
Here are some additional resources:
Energy industry gets spark from customer programs
Do marketers need to be math geeks?
Bad data dooms customer efforts

Set the Course for CRM
Here are some additional references:
Gartner - Finding the right partner is key
Q&A: Author cites strategy as first chapter in successful CRM

Build an Effective Customer Privacy Strategy
Here are some additional references:
Privacy rule puts new burden on business
CPO: An enterprise point-person for privacy

Calculate the ROI on Your CRM Investments
Here are some additional references:

Customers raise the CRM bar

Business vs. IT: How to Manage CRM Project Politics
Here are some additional references:
CRM Technology Decisions: Company politics can kill CRM
Analyst to business users: Grab the CRM reins

Be sure to check the conference website often for updates on speakers and content.

CLICK HERE to register for the Smart CRM conference.

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