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Special report: Contact center strategies has a series of articles designed to help you set your contact center strategy and better service your customers.

Are you running a contact center that's built for the e-business era? Is your technology up to date? Is your workforce motivated and managed properly? has a series of articles designed to help you set your contact center strategy, better service your customers and make the most of your interactions with them.

Agent buy-in key to contact center success
As you look at new bells and whistles to improve your contact center's performance, don't forget the people who make that technology sing -- the agents.

VoIP being talked up in contact centers
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has yet to make a huge splash in the contact center, but those who have invested in the technology are seeing benefits. And analysts say it won't be long before others follow suit.

Contact center admin: Life without management tools 'is hell'
Anticipating call volume, juggling agents' schedules and monitoring employee performance aren't easy tasks. That's why workforce automation management software has saved contact center managers more than a few headaches.

Is the call center dead?
No, it's not time to lock the doors to the your call center. But, with so many contact channels, some analysts say it's time to turn your center into a "customer interaction hub."

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