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Brief: Data quality knows no borders

Data quality software maker Trillium has widened its multilingual Unicode product portfolio to address the Asia-Pacific market.

Data quality specialist Trillium Software released a new version of its applications set targeted at companies doing business in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Billerica, Mass.-based division of Harte-Hanks Inc. has unveiled Trillium Software System Version 6 Unicode Edition for the Chinese and Korean markets. Trillium data quality applications are used by organizations to build more consistent and accurate data across multiple applications, including CRM, ERP and data warehousing projects. Unicode software enables the interchange, processing and display of written texts in different languages.

Len Dubois, vice president of marketing at Trillium, said that many of the globally dispersed companies Trillium serves have been struggling for years to better integrate information from their Chinese and Korean operations. Companies in vertical markets such as high tech and manufacturing have increasingly done business in these countries and have struggled with the intricacies of utilizing the data collected there as they've sought to better understand customers.

Cultural issues have sometimes made it hard for companies to pull individual customer data into enterprise applications. For instance, Dubois pointed out that, in many parts of China, all the residents of a specific town share the same surname. The new product has built-in functionality around these sorts of issues, he said.

According to Robert Lerner, senior analyst at Current Analysis, Sterling, Va., the data quality market continues to grow in recognition among CRM users, and global companies continue to struggle with methods of including data from foreign countries.

"There is the issue that companies involved in data quality do need to continue to educate the market," Lerner said. "But companies are waking up to the benefits of what it can do for their enterprise applications, including CRM."

Lerner said that Trillium is ahead of the rest of the industry in terms of delivering software to address the Asia-Pacific region.


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