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Actuate strengthens BI tool

Actuate Corp. is pushing hard to segue from the financial reporting software industry into the high-end market for business process management tools. The company's latest effort is Actuate 7, which officially rolled out on Monday.

Actuate Corp. debuted its latest entry into the growing market for business intelligence dashboard software on Monday with the introduction of Actuate 7.

South San Francisco-based Actuate has made a name for itself as a provider of the reporting software that's used by businesses to gather, publish, and distribute information, in particular, financial data. With the introduction of the Actuate 7 package, the company is clearly gunning to expand its presence in the growing market for business process management (BPM) software.

"We're attempting to deliver a product that empowers different levels of IT and business users with the ability to run ad hoc reports based on their specific needs," said Nobby Akiha, vice president of marketing at Actuate. "The key for any tool is recognizing that there are many IT constituents that are looking for detailed analysis tools, and building in the ability to cater to these different types of users."

According to the executive, the advantage of Actuate 7 is that it delivers business users access to enterprise data while allowing for IT departments' control over security, data integrity and infrastructure performance issues.

Among the new features built into the Actuate dashboard are an improved query tool intended to provide business users with an interface that doesn't require training to launch ad hoc reports; the "information objects" tool set, which is aimed at giving IT managers greater control over infrastructure issues; and the e.Spreadsheet function, which promises users the ability to create and deploy spreadsheet reports using Microsoft Excel.


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