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Brief: Enkata digs into contact center data

Enkata Technologies has introduced Customer Insight Analytics to help organizations make sense of reams of contact center interactions.

ATLANTA -- Enkata Technologies Inc. in San Mateo, Calif., is out with its first product, an analytics tool introduced at CRM Technology Decisions that can help organizations make sense of reams of contact center interactions.

Customer Insight Analytics integrates data from back-end systems to provide a single view of customer interactions. It analyzes structured data, as well as building text-classified models to handle unstructured data like agent notes.

Reports can include the root cause for customer calls, which agent fielded the call, customer demographic information, and interaction costs, including any credits issued or faxes sent in order to resolve an issue.

While the tool is aimed primarily at business analysts seeking to drill deeper into data to identify inefficiencies, it also includes an executive dashboard and can be used as a workflow tool for project managers.

An Enkata executive said Customer Insight Analytics will go head to head with software from Cary, N.C.-based SAS on the data mining front but compete with manual efforts on the reporting side.

Enkata also announced that New York-based Broadview Networks, a network communications provider, will use Customer Insight Analytics to identify and analyze the root cause of its customer calls.

Pricing for Customer Insight Analytics is server-based with high performance options.

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