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Coverage of CRM Technology Decisions

Coverage of CRM Technology Decisions

Here's a complete look at's coverage of CRM Technology Decisions 2003.

Suite rewards: Check out Hilton's four-star branding plan

When Hilton acquired another major hotel chain, it needed to do some quick work to align the brands. As it turns out, most of the effort revolved around strategy, not technology.

CRM Technology Decisions: CRM experts offer change management tips

What if you implemented CRM software and nobody used it? Experts at the recent CRM Technology Decisions conference offered some change management tips and tricks to help you avoid that problem.

CRM Technology Decisions: Don't doubt J.D. Edwards' commitment

When you think CRM, J.D. Edwards may not be the first vendor name to come to mind. But the company's CEO is working to change that. Bob Dutkowsky told attendees at CRM Technology Decisions that J.D. Edwards' software should catch their attention for a few reasons.

CRM Technology Decisions: Benioff champions the ASP model

No one can question CEO Marc Benioff's commitment to hosted CRM -- certainly not anyone attending the recent CRM Technology Decisions conference.

CRM Technology Decisions: Company politics can kill CRM

If you think Democrats and Republicans are bad, just watch company politics ruin a CRM project. At CRM Technology Decisions, analyst Scott Nelson blamed internal strife for the majority of CRM failures.

CRM Technology Decisions: Scrutinize your vendors

You don't need to be Sherlock Holmes, but finding the right CRM vendor does require some pretty keen investigative skills. At CRM Technology Decisions, author and consultant Paul Greenberg armed attendees with a sure-fire selection strategy.

CRM Technology Decisions: Peppers outlines vertical limits

Just because you carve out a nice, industry-specific niche, that doesn't guarantee success. Speaking at last week's CRM Technology Decisions conference, consultant and author Don Peppers advised businesses to find an even greater differentiator.

Brief: Enkata digs into contact center data

Enkata Technologies has introduced Customer Insight Analytics to help organizations make sense of reams of contact center interactions.

Seybold touts cross-channel consistency for CRM

Delivering the opening keynote at the CRM Technology Decisions conference, consultant Patricia Seybold highlighted a major CRM shortcoming and underscored its consequences.

CRM customers: Help us leap integration hurdles

New research shows that CRM adopters are most concerned about integrating their software with legacy apps. They also shared their thoughts on how the leading vendors stack up in meeting their needs.

Analyst to business users: Grab the CRM reins

If we've learned one thing from the widely reported CRM failure rates, it's that people and planning hold the keys to success. AMR's Kevin Scott says success comes when business leaders step up to the plate.

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