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A-hem! New site is the toast of the Web

Don't burn the wedding toast -- be a better best man! A new Web site can keep you from inserting those polished, black shoes that came with your tux directly into your mouth.

Imagine this: you tap some silverware against your glass and silence your fellow wedding guests. Hundreds of eyes dart in your direction. The floor is yours. You clear your voice and start your speech.

Get on the bobsled -- it's all downhill from there.

Suddenly that reference to the bachelor party doesn't seem quite as funny as it did when you rehearsed the wedding toast in the shower! It goes over like open-source at a Windows party. Suddenly you think of that airline commercial that says "wanna get away?"

Just because you're the best man doesn't mean you're the best speechwriter. That's the whole point behind the Web site "" The name says it all; it's a place where anxious speech givers can go to untie their tongues, stop their stumbling and butter up their toasts.

A Mesa, Ariz., couple created the site after he burned the best man's toast at a wedding. Best man, worst speech. After he bombed big time, they wanted to prevent another best man or maid of honor from committing similar snafus.

For $65 the would-be toastmaster answers a questionnaire, and a professional speechwriter serves up words custom-fit to that particular wedding. If that sounds a bit steep, the site charges $18 to spit out a toast crafted from a speech template.

It may not be from the heart, but at least you'll get cheers and "here heres" instead of sneers and jeers.

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