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Click me baby, one more time -- Britney got GameBoy

She's not a girl; not yet a woman, but she got game! Britney Spears, has, like, a totally, way-cool video game created in her image. No blood, no guts, just groove.

Britney Spears belongs to an elite club.

Like Cher or Madonna, she is known by just her first name. A computer virus has been named for her -- a la Anna Kournikova. Britney often tops lists of most searched-for terms on search engines. Even her navel is a newsmaker.

Now the little vixen has gone virtual. The midriff-baring, buxom, blonde beauty now has her own video game for the PlayStation 2 video game system.

There are no wacky aliens or high-speed chases or shoot-'em-ups in Britney's Dance Beat from THQ Inc. There is, well, dancing! Go figure.

Players audition to be backup dancers for a virtual Britney tour. Keeping up with the beat of the songs reveals exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. Fans will recognize the authentic choreography and costumes that mark a Britney-quality production.

Britney's Dance Beat also comes with DVD footage allowing the player to have 360-degree control at a Britney concert. There is also a two-player mode so friends can seem who's the best at borrowing Britney's moves.

The game features some of Britney's biggest hits including "Overprotected," "I'm a Slave 4 U," and classics like "...Baby One More Time," "Oops!...I Did it Again," and "Stronger."

"It is so cool that I have my very own videogame," said Britney, who underwent a cyber-scan to create the realistic 3D images. "THQ totally captured my dance moves perfectly. I was blown away by how realistic everything looks!"

The games works with the standard game controller, but who wants to sit and press buttons?

Thanks to the Beat Pad, a new digital controller from Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. (picture a small Twister mat), players will be able to actually dance through the game. The controller also works with other PlayStation dance games like Konami's Dance Dance Revolution.

A version of Britney's Dance Beat is also available for the GameBoy Advance, and a PC version will ship this June.

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