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YOUcentric customers react to acquisition

Find out how YOUcentric customers feel about the CRM software maker's recent acquisition by J.D. Edwards.

Last week, J.D. Edwards & Co., headquartered in Denver, announced its intent to buy YOUcentric Inc. Instead of researching new CRM software options, several YOUcentric customers said they plan to stick with the Charlotte, N.C.-based software vendor. One user even views the acquisition as a positive evolution of YOUcentric.

Executives from both YOUcentric and J.D. Edwards pledged continuing support for YOUcentric's software products. J.D. Edwards even plans to invest in development of YOUcentric products, to enhance its own CRM offerings.

One YOUcentric customer that isn't breaking a sweat over the merger, is Lancaster, Pa.-based IBSi. The marketing firm specializing in insurance brokerages uses YOUrelate software as a backbone operating system for its CRM endeavors.

"We view it as a reasonable and positive evolution of YOUcentric," said Frank Ammerman, vice president, business systems at IBSi.. "We have not changed our plans or done anything unique in response to the announced business combination."

IBSi also expects the same level of support for the software that YOUcentric provided, Ammerman said.

Over at Memphis, Tenn.-based Federal Express Corp., a spokeswoman said, "It is too soon to tell what impact (the acquisition) will have on Federal Express as a customer." She was unable to say whether or not the company will change their software.

Charlotte, N.C.-based Bank of America was "delighted" by the news of the deal, according to Dave Weaver, senior vice president of CRM services. He believes the deal makes sense for both J.D. Edwards and YOUcentric.


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