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Mondo picks sales lead software

CRM integrator and consulting firm Mondo has added duexo's lead optimization software to the product choices it offers its own customers.

Sales leads that do not immediately generate sales often fall by the wayside. But these forgotten leads can often mean sales down the road, if the salespeople are aware of their status.

CRM integrator and consulting firm Mondo Solutions was one company that did not want to miss sales opportunities. The San Diego-based company found Denver-based deuxo, which specializes in lead optimization software. Mondo felt confident enough about the software to add it to the product choices it offers its own customers, according to Kate Schrader, vice president of Mondo.

In addition to the possibility of generating more business, Mondo also expects deuxo's Intelligent Optimization to help its customers fill a hole that they might have in their sales lead qualification process, she said. Many of Mondo's customers also cannot generate reports on leads, which the deuxo software allows. This way, they can view return on investment (ROI) for marketing campaigns, according to Schrader.

"In general, I would have to say that the deuxo idea of optimizing opportunities and maturing sales leads prior to giving them to the sales force is an idea whose time has come," said Denis Pombriant, a research director at Aberdeen Group.

A well-integrated process is critical, and the interoperability with SalesLogix gives deuxo users the ability to track sales leads and act on them, he said.

"If we spent a couple of years, we could develop a tool (similar to Intelligent Optimization), but most customers don't have time to wait," Schrader said.

"We're dealing with Internet time. Three months is an eternity," Pombriant said. Given enough time, any company could create any product necessary, he added.

Currently, Mondo is in the process of implementing deuxo software on its in-house servers and expects to be done by the end of July.

Mondo looked at MarketSoft and the marketing piece in SalesLogix before deciding on Intelligence Optimization. Because deuxo's software integrates with SalesLogix, Mondo's current system for collecting leads, Mondo will be able to refine the leads before entering the information into SalesLogix.

"Sales knows why the leads are qualified, which helps sales sell and close deals," Schrader said.

Most tools that track sales collect leads from the Web and from trade shows, and the sales department starts making phone calls. Sometimes the sales force has a script, but they usually do not have a qualification process. Often, if a lead says they will be ready in six months to purchase, the sales person has no way of reminding herself of this, but deuxo's software includes a way to do this, she said.

Other companies looking for a lead optimization system should "look for something that will give you a good ROI and information to pass along to salespeople, so that when they go in to sell to customers, they have good background information," Schrader said. Also, a system that can be customized to the company's needs is key, she added.


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