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Avaya completes Quintus acquisition, releases new CRM packages

Avaya Inc. has officially completed its asset purchase agreement with Quintus Corp., and with the close of the purchase, Avaya plans to introduce three new products to its CRM software portfolio. According to an Avaya executive, the new software suites are rebranded packages from both Avaya's and Quintus' portfolios.

"In some sense, this is a rebranding of previous offerings," said Lawrence Byrd, former chief strategy officer at Quintus and now Avaya's CRM evangelist.

The three rebranded suites are: Interaction Management, Commitment Management and Business Intelligence, according to Byrd.

Interaction Management is meant for customer interactions, self-service options and outbound contact management, Byrd said. "A key part of Interaction Management will be assets from Quintus," he said. Through Avaya's CentreVu products set, algorithms matching people and resources will be utilized to find the best contact agents for the customer inquiry, he added.

Commitment Management handles the tracking and management of work assignments, much like traditional workflow management software, according to Byrd. "Commitment Management's emphasis is on how to link the rest of the enterprise to ... the front end," he said. The software is built on Avaya's existing CRM Central, and the company is looking to build on Avaya's traditional CRM strengths with Commitment Management, Byrd said.

Business Intelligence features reporting and analytics tools and builds on Quintus' pre-existing relationship with Cognos, Byrd said. "Business Intelligence allows companies to turn information into actionable business benefits," he said.

"Quintus customers will become Avaya customers," Byrd said. "In the process of working with them, they will continue to receive support (from Avaya)." Additionally, Quintus' staff is becoming part of Avaya's, which transfers their skill sets over to the company, he said.

"We believe we're seeing a positive response from our customer base," Byrd said. "Quintus will now be a key part of Avaya's CRM (software) portfolio," he said.

"It's not the deal that's important," Byrd said. What is important, according to Byrd, is the fact that Avaya is committed to CRM software and has chosen this acquisition to rebrand and refocus its software.

Under the terms of the agreement, announced February 22, 2001, Avaya has acquired substantially all of Quintus' assets for approximately $29 million in cash and has assumed Quintus' liabilities, up to an additional $30 million. According to Byrd, this purchase had been in the works since January.

This is Avaya's third acquisition since its spinoff from Lucent Technologies Inc. in October 2000.



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