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Adding people to the business equation

Performix Technologies co-founder and CEO Cathal McGloin has adopted a simple theory. He contends that people, process and technology are the three most critical elements of a business. In an era where the main focus is on technology, and people are sometimes pushed to the backburner, the ultimate goal is to put the "people" back into the equation, according to McGloin.

Established in Dublin in 1998, Performix now has offices in the U.S. and U.K. Their clients include some of the top players in the travel, telecom and financial services sectors, including AOL Europe, British Telecom and Grand Adventures Tour & Travel. Their flagship product, the Emvolve Performance Manager, is designed to help improve employee performance in contact centers, thereby increasing overall profitability throughout the company.

After compiling information from all customer contact channels (phone, email, Web interaction) and integrating with existing CRM systems, Emvolve Performance Manager maps out an organization. Using a Web-based browser, Emvolve allows employees to view sales data and customer transactions by location, department or personnel. Data can be analyzed in daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly views, and can even be displayed graphically. The solution enables management to monitor individual and team performances, and identify areas that need improvement in order to achieve success in maximizing customer service.

In contact centers, where the employee turnover rate is notoriously high, Emvolve is making a positive impact. Every employee has clear goals and objectives, and can view their progress via the system at any time, allowing a constant means of benchmarking performance and ensuring quality service.

"One customer in the telecom industry, Esat Digifone, had a 35% attrition rate," said McGloin. "After implementing our software, it dropped to 17%. Another company, Conduit Europe, lowered their attrition rate by 15% using our system." Still other Performix clients have seen 30-40% increases in employee productivity, with one organization, Premier Direct Insurance, attaining a 50% increase in sales.

McGloin says his clients include travel, telecom and financial services companies, and each has its own set of unique challenges. The travel industry can greatly increase profits by improving the speed and efficiency of contact center staffs. The telecom industry is dealing with many mergers and acquisitions, and this system brings standardization across all sites. The financial services sector is dealing with the integration of online banking with transactions made on the phone or in the bank branch. The Performance Manager makes it easy to manage information across multiple channels.

When asked about the future of the contact center, McGloin predicted a convergence of all customer contact methods. "We will see a much more dynamic mix of transactions coming into the contact center, but the people behind that technology aren't going away anytime soon."



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