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Quick Takes: Banter until you're Purple

Banter releases version 4.5 of Relationship Modeling Engine

Banter has announced the release of its Relationship Modeling Engine (RME), version 4.5. The latest version focuses on increased accuracy, faster self-learning and multiple language support. RME v4.5 uses Banter's proprietary statistical analysis that understands text in a variety of languages. In this release, four languages - English, French, Spanish, German - are supported by complete linguistic analysis, which accelerates learning and greatly increases accuracy.


Purple announces PurpleCRM Web access

Purple Solutions Inc. has announced that PurpleCRM is now available through any Web access point. PurpleCRM is accessible through Windows Terminal Services (WTS) and Virtual Private Networks (VPN). This allows PurpleCRM to be accessed from any Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Web access point worldwide. In this scenario processing power and data storage are server-based so less powerful computers are easily accommodated.

Purple Solutions

Control-F1 announces certified partner agreement with Prior Analytics

Control-F1 has announced that they have finalized a certified partner agreement with Prior Analytics Ltd., a U.K. CRM provider. Prior Analytics will resell Control-F1 as the eSupport segment of their CRM offering. Control-F1's potential clients based in the UK will benefit from a local dedicated service provided by Prior Analytics, which possesses a wealth of experience in the CRM industry.


Cygron announces DataScope 4.1

Cygron has announced the release of version 4.1 of its DataScope data visualization and data mining product. Cygron DataScope 4.1 builds upon the data visualization strengths of 4.0 by incorporating animation into its interactive 2D and 3D graphical data displays. The new version includes increased data access flexibility, provided by a new XML data import and export capability, and extra capabilities for visualization of the predictive models generated during data mining.


Support FetchDog released by 4Developers

4Developers LLC has released Support FetchDog 1.0, software that enables help desks, IT departments, software developers and other support providers to detect and repair software errors on a local or remote PC, by allowing them to retrieve the exact configuration state of that computer. Support FetchDog allows support providers to examine a remote or local PC and determine which configuration elements are missing or different than expected. It does that without any pre-installed software on the user's computer.


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